About Us

We are Family Film.

An independent film production company with offices in Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade.

We provide professional services for commercials and feature films to both local and foreign companies, meeting all expectations of quality and cost effectiveness.

We’ve worked with the best production companies from the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Lebanon, UAE, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Israel, India and with top advertising agencies from Europe and Romania.

Our offices in Romania and Serbia are exclusive partners of Production Service Network – the one-stop-shop for film and photo production services around the world.


We believe

“It’s all about the people”. We raised a beautiful family of production people who built up a vast experience together and can answer now very diverse demands from different cultures around the globe.

For 6 years we successfully brought to life our clients’ stories and most of our collaborations turned into long term relationships. A sign that we are doing things right.