A good story needs a perfect location and a dedicated team of producers, art department, location managers, cast and crew. And not to forget, great coffee to keep up the spirits (and stay awake!)

   Our location and art department loves a good challenge and they never cease to amaze us. They can build castles in the middle of a forest, organize a carnival with dancers, magicians and jugglers on the streets of our city, create a cotton field in our studio or even build spaceship prototypes… well, not really, though they could.

   We try to make our clients feel at home when working with us in Romania, Hungary and Serbia. After all, we are Family Film, your Family Away From Home.


   Romania, Hungary, Serbia together combine all the geographical and architectural range one could possibly find in Europe: urban landscapes, mountain roads, vast fields, deep forests, lakes and sandy beaches. We don’t have just one opera house, we have a dozen to choose from. We have access to airports that allow shoots and use of all airport facilities. We have Hollywood film studios, lofty photo parlours, abandoned warehouses, elegant ballrooms and quirky cafés, modern highways, cobble stoned streets and narrow alleyways.

   Romania is very production friendly and we can get permissions to shoot almost anywhere for a very nominal fee. There are very few restrictions as opposed to other European countries. With some help from our art department, we’ve recreated locations that resemble Germany, Italy, Spain and even the medieval times. There are similarities in architecture with other European cities complete with narrow paved streets, grand opera halls, pre-war era buildings and stately homes. And in keeping with the times, we also have futuristic architecture, sky-scrapers, modern highways, public transport, open spaces and much more.

   Hungary is an interesting blend of all European cultures in one place and a top favourite for most location managers. Hungary has been used in various Hollywood & Bollywood blockbusters to resemble Paris, Monaco, Rome, Munich, Moscow, Berlin, and even Buenos Aires. An ideal location for any production where the story is set in different cities or eras. You can shoot them all in Hungary without ever having to leave the country e.g. Spy

   Our Belgrade office is the latest addition to our ever growing Family. Serbia is an exciting new location for many productions for a variety of reasons; budget friendly, world class studios & infrastructure, significantly lower crew and cast rates…and many more.

   To make it even more production friendly, Serbia doesn't require a visa for visits of up to 30 days, within period of one year.

Tax Incentives & Rebate

   Romania Filming Incentives & Cash Rebate

   The incentive in Romania is offered for film production and includes fiction short or medium length movies, Animation features, TV Series, DVD or internet movies or movies made to support culture and artistic ventures.

  • All qualifying productions can access a tax rebate ranging from 35% - 45% 
  • Minimum spend in Romania: 100.000 euro
  • Maximum rebate: 10.000.000 euro
  • Registration and cultural test (40-50 days)
  • Subsidy request (30 days before shooting)
  • Only 20% of the total production budget must be spent in Romania
  • Up to 10.000.000 euro cash rebate for a project
  • Easy transparent process to get the money back within 4 - 6 months

   Hungary Filming Incentives & Cash Rebate

   Hungary offers 30% film incentives to all qualifying productions.

  • Registration and cultural test (40-50 days)
  • Subsidy request (30 days before shooting)
  • Shooting, post-production
  • Auditing, tax certificate by NFO
  • Cash back

   Serbia Filming Incentives & Cash Rebate

   Serbia offers 25% cash rebate to all qualifying productions. It is the only country to offer incentives for commercials.

Minimum spend:

  • TV Commercials/ Special-purpose film: 100,000.00 EUR
  • Feature films, TV films and TV series: 300,000.00 EUR
  • Animated film, audio and/or visual postproduction of an audiovisual work: 150,000.00 EUR
  • Documentary films: 50,000.00 EUR


   Finding the right cast and talent is essential to any project and can be quite a challenge, especially for overseas productions. We can confidently claim to have access to a wide database of models, actors, child artists and extras in Romania, Hungary and Serbia. No matter how specific your requirements, we will find the right talent for your project.